Music by Jimez

From my ‘Budapest’ room

Andy Warhol, who I knew was some kind of hero to Jimez, once said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”.  I reflected, with more than an ounce of sympathy, that Dreams Never Die was probably a spectacular 15 minutes of non-fame for Jimez.  It was true, however, that his dreams never had died, and for that, I, at least, respected him.

“Dreams Never Die”

So here is the song which Jimez ‘wrote’ in his distant past and which was indeed, to the surprise of his long-suffering, cake-hoovering friend Jen, recorded by the studio band Symphony in X. The music was written and largely performed by Dave Cass with guitars by Steve Pollard, and vocals are by Jane Mountain.

Jimez contributed as only Jimez knows how. Given his record of achievement to date, don’t hold your breath for the next contribution to this page…

“Dreams Never Die” by Symphony in X